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Once you have selected a professional recruiter who is focused on your niche whether it be Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Distribution Operations and Transportation or some other specialty, you can begin to build a successful working relationship with your Executive Recruiter.

Some keys to building that relationship are as follow:

  • Be Honest. Make sure your recruiter knows what you want.
    If you are a hiring manager, identify the specifics of the position you are trying to fill. Include challenges and opportunities that make a significant difference when it comes to hiring the right person. You may refine your search as you go through the recruiting process, but be sure you communicate your most current thoughts.
    If you are a job seeker, make sure that you know what you want. Prepare an accurate resume that reflects your experience. Clearly identify the type of position you are seeking, compensation required and discuss any geographic priority. Without complete honesty everyoneís time can be wasted.

  • Communicate
    For hiring managers, communication throughout the process should include what you do or do not like about the person interviewed along with the reasons why. Also, keep your recruiter up to date on the next steps you would like to take and the time frame in which these steps should occur.
    For job seekers, you must make sure that you keep track of companies that your resumes have been sent to and inform your recruiter. Be clear about what type of position you are interested in and if you donít feel right about a company, donít waste time pursuing a position that doesnít work for you.
    Your recruiter must be kept in the loop by the hiring manager as well as the job seeker in order to keep the process moving and bring it to a successful conclusion for everyone. Failure to communicate leads to speculation and that will only turn people away Ė you may lose a good employee or good opportunity by a lack of communication throughout the recruiting process.

  • Ask for input
    Hiring managers should ask their recruiter about the job seeker. What items of interest donít show up on the resume? Why were they presented for the position and what are some values that the recruiter may have identified during conversations that arenít clear on the resume?
    Recruiters should help prepare job seekers for the interview. Explain the position in detail along with the titles and background information on those conducting the interviews. This will help with understanding the reasons for their questions and why they were asked.

  • Return calls in a timely manner
    Hiring managers and job seekers should return calls as quickly as possible. A delay in returning a call implies lack of professionalism and will be interpreted as such. In the world of Executive Management and Executive Recruiting, we must all act professionally if we want to be treated professionally.

Premier Search and Recruiting is an executive search firm, employed by the client company, to seek out and identify qualified Supply Chain Professionals. We work to accommodate the needs of both the client and the candidate. Our firm strives to assist client companies as they seek the best candidate and to guide candidates in their search for the right company. Our purpose is to find the ideal match for both parties to enable each to meet their goals and objectives.

Marty Pitlik is the President of Premier Search and Recruiting, specializing in placement of Supply Chain Executives. Please contact Marty via email at mpitlik@psrfirm.com or via phone at 972-771-9723.

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